UMA logo B&WUnited Martial Arts Academy (UMA) is a mixed martial arts school offering programs for kids and adults (read our “Programs” section for more details).

UMA is perfect for adults who want to relieve stress, get in shape, learn self-defense or excel in competition.

For kids, we also focus on developing concentration, respect and confidence.

What sets us apart from others schools is our focus on effective, high percentage techniques that you can use to protect yourself. In other words, we do not waist time practicing acrobatics or nonsense like the “death touch.” We teach proven techniques that work for full-contact fighting, law enforcement and the military.

Above all, we maintain a safe, beginner-friendly environment. We continually remind our students that they should “check their egos at the door” and do their part to help everyone become the best martial artist they can be.


How to Deal with Bullies

If you are interested in training with us, mention this website and you will receive one week of classes for $20.