“Where are you located?”

We are located at Carnaby Square Shopping Center near Big Lots, 813 South Main Street, London, KY 40741.

“When should I arrive?”

If possible, arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can square away your belongings and we can introduce you to everyone. If you cannot keep your appointment, please call and let us know.

“What should I wear?”

Shorts and a t-shirt are fine. You might prefer sweats during the winter. We train bare-footed on the mats.

Do I need a gi (martial arts uniform)?

No, but you need to purchase one after you become a UMA member. We sell starter uniforms.

Do I need any equipment?

Equipment is not necessary. After your first class, we will give you a list of the required items. We sell all the necessary equipment.

You should also bring a check book or credit card. Many students use automatic billing and we need account information to begin this process.

Do I need previous experience?

No. We are a beginner friendly school.

What will we do during the first class?

It depends on several factors, such as age and fitness level. Typically, we practice basic strikes and hit the pads or go over some self-defense techniques. For kids, we sometimes play a game during the last five minutes of class if they behave well. The purpose of the first class is to fire you up about martial arts. It is also an opportunity for us to evaluate where we should place you in our programs. Do not expect a strenuous workout on your first day.

How do I enroll?

After class, we will sit down and discuss the class schedule, price options and answer questions. Enrollment usually requires bank or credit card information, so bring that with you. For children, we request that all decision makers be present for the enrollment conference (usually mom and dad).

Do you require contracts?

No contracts are required.