Rules of the Academy

1. Check your ego at the door.

2. Respect your instructors, classmates and the Academy.

3. You must sign a release form before training.

4. Remove your jewelry and shoes before entering the mat.

5. No running, yelling or horseplay. Do not disrupt class.

6. Obtain permission before using school equipment.

7. If you must leave the mat during class, notify an instructor.

8. No sparring or grappling unless an instructor is present.

9. When sparring, protective gear must be worn. Only light contact is allowed.

10. When grappling, throws and submissions must be performed in a controlled manner.

11. Bathe yourself daily. Trim your nails. Clean your uniforms and equipment.

12. If you are sick, stay home. If you have a rash or open sores, stay home.

13. Take your belongings home after practice.

14. Keep food and drinks in the seating area.

15. Minors must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the Academy.

16. Fighting is only permitted for self-defense.